German Shepherd Harness

A German Shepherd Police Harness Kingmaker’s Choice

If you could ask a German Kaiser today; what choice leash or harness would he be using for his regal hound. The Kaiser is no longer a rare breed, its bloodline has simply been exhausted, but thanks to the love and passion shown by thousands of dog breeders, handlers, groomers and, of course, you, the beloved dog owner, the famous and much loved German Shepherd is still very much in stock. If you could meet up with a Kaiser today, we are almost certain that he will also go in for the Alsatian, another famous name for the German Shepherd.

Patriotism is not merely a matter of appeal for royalty; it is a matter of duty. Distantly related and showing no signs of ever departing, Her Royal Highness the Queen of England has a preference for hordes of squat-sized British Corgis. The Kaiser, on the other hand, might just prefer his Rottweiler or Dachshund. But never mind that, you are all devoted German Shepherd owners. Perhaps you are willing to concede that you can never measure up to your prized pet’s loyalty and devotion to you. But hush now, don’t get him too excited.

Mention the phrase; time for your walk, and he will come yelping and bounding with joy. But never mind that either, a sturdy German Shepherd Police Harness will keep both you and George steady down the road. If the Kaiser was your next door neighbor, perhaps he will choice his own pride with the kingmaker’s choice in the form of the Julius K9 IDC Power harness. It does sound quite regal, you have to admit. After all, there was your Julius Caesar. Now that would make a fine name for a big and strong, perhaps still young, Alsatian. 

German Shepherd Police Harness

K9 is a famous expression too. It was originally coined for those who were serving out their vocations to protect all and sundry from danger. These brave men and women also used the more than brave dogs, not just Alsatian breeds, for important rescue missions. Today, they are being used expressly to sniff out potential dangers at major international airport terminals. So you could say that both dog and his master have their work cut out for them these days. It’s a responsible job at the best of times, but the loyal and well trained German Shepherd will carry out his duties without question, and without fear or favor.

So, do look after his own best interests and welfare, whether he be an official in the line of duty or an important member of your domestic environment. You are looking after him well when you ensure that he is well leashed with the recommended Julius K9 power harness. You will be pleased to learn that this leash is preferred among professional dog trainers. As a typically excitable breed, there is not a snowball’s chance that this heavy dog will be able to pull away from you once you have him nicely and comfortably towed in with this harness.