How Perceptions of Marijuana are Changing

The way society views marijuana has changed considerably in the last few decades. In the past, it was considered a gateway drug into more serious drugs like heroin so the government rolled out the “war on drugs” campaign which had limited success. If you go here you would see that there is a growing movement of citizens that want marijuana to become legalized and it’s not just for recreational purposes.


Health Benefits Associated with Marijuana

There is a series of health benefits associated with the use of marijuana. Individuals who are going through chemotherapy treatments lose a substantial amount of weight due in part to the nausea caused by the chemotherapy. When a person smokes marijuana while going through chemotherapy their appetite increases so they are able to eat more and gain weight.

Another serious condition that marijuana helps treat is glaucoma which is pressure building up within the eyeball. If left untreated for a prolonged period of time it will lead to blindness, however, when an individual who has glaucoma smokes marijuana the pressure inside their eye will decrease to a more manageable level without the need to go for surgery.

Social Benefits Linked to Marijuana

While the image of marijuana is a negative one due in part to the government’s War on Drugs campaign there are millions of people who consume marijuana on a regular basis either in food form or by smoking it. These individuals are forced to break the law because they do not have a legal source of marijuana so they go through illegal suppliers. The criminals who are selling the marijuana pay no taxes so all of the money going to the criminals is being used to fund other criminal enterprises including terrorist groups!

Along with the criminals becoming rich selling marijuana, there is also the huge cost on our legal system. There are people going to jail for simply having marijuana inside their pockets. The courts must hear these cases and handout minimum sentences. These otherwise law-abiding citizens end up in jail which costs the taxpayers huge sums of money to finance. When these individuals come out of jail they have a criminal record which makes it hard for them to secure a job in the future.

If the use of marijuana was made legal and regulated by the government then the prison and court systems would be freed up to handle legitimate legal matters. Another benefit is the huge spike in revenue the government would receive by taxing the use of marijuana. By forcing politicians to discuss this important social issue it will hopefully bring a positive resolution. The government tried to stop citizens from consuming alcohol during the prohibition era with little to no success, the same case could be made for marijuana so the sooner the government legalizes marijuana the better off society will be as a wholes, the fact that you are here reading this shows that change is coming and hopefully for the better.